Development Tendency of Chinese Automobile Spare Parts Industry in 2017

2019-01-15 11:26

  1.International industry transition is accelerating, merging and regrouping is active.
  In a period the saleroom of most automobile spare parts suppliers is low, comparing to the transnational magnates with saleroom of as high as tens of billions, Chinese automobile spare parts enterprises' scales are boiviously small. And the export of Chinese manufactoring is always famous for low prices, to effectively reduce the cost of production and expand new markets, large transnational enterprises not only transfer manufactoring processes on a large scale, but also expand the range of transition to research and development, design, procurement, marketing and after-sales service. The scale of transfering is getting larger, and the level is getting higher.
  Till 2010 there were already many automobile spare parts suppliers who sited constructions in China by joint venture or other.
  If Chinese automobile accessory suppliers are going to take a place in international market competition in the future, the fastest way is through merging and regrouping, to form large-scale parts enterprise groups. The merging of automobile accessory suppliers is more urgent than finished automobile industry, if no large-scale automobile spare parts suppliers show up, the cost cannot reduce, the quality cannot be improved, the development of the whole industry will be very difficult. Under the background that automobile accessory suppliers are small-scale, the strength too weak, lack of research and development ability, if the parts industry is going to develop quickly, it must accelorate merging and form an effect of scales.
  2.Automobile accessory suppliers positively implement systemeticly developing, large-scale manufactoring, integrated supplying, the cluster development of automobile spare parts industry is obvious.
  From the inspection of the process of the automobile accessory industry of main automobile manufactoring countries in the world, the cluster development of parts industry is as important as automobile industry, to become stronger, they must develop to an industry group, it is a stratergetic choice of automobile accessory industry. The finished automobile enterprises use platform stratergies, systematic development, large-scale manufactoring, intergrated supplying in product development, it becomes the future tendency of automobile spare parts industry. Meanwhile, the development features of cluster development of automobile accessory industry becomes more and more obivious.
  3.The globalization of the procurement in automobile accessory will become a trend, but in a period China will still focus on exporting and internationalization.
  Along the change of organization structure in automobile spare parts industry, more and more finished automobile factories will implement global pocurement of spare parts. But the charactoristics of Chinese great scale manufactoring and low price and high quality won't change in a short period, so China automobile spare parts industry will still focus on exporting and internationalization.
  In a specific period, international purchasing agents become more and more rational and practical to Chinese pocurement, through selecting and training potentional core suppliers; increase the intergration of logistics; strengthen the communication with the factories of foreign capital enterprises in China, develop their enthusiasm to exporting; disperse the destinations of pocurement, through comparing with other new markets to decide the purchasing location, to push the process of Chinese pocurement.
  According to the analysis, international purchasing agents become more and more careful to Chinese pocurement, but in 10 years, exporting and internationalization will still be the foucus of Chinese local parts manufactors. The main reasons are:
  1)Automobile spare parts industry is an international industry, Chinese automobile accessory suppliers will sure enhance their consciousness of international developing, some enterprises that tasted the benefits of international pocurement have send the positive signals;
  2)For Chinese spare parts enterprises, especially those parts suppliers who mate the market, the competition becomes more and more cruel, internationalization is one of the way out;
  3)Through the fast grow-up these years, related mating manufacturers have reached the scale of one billion, they already possess the economic strength of international expanding;
  4)Foreign capital and joint capital enterprises will increase exporting, make China the true center of manufactoring, therefore form a virtuous circle.


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