Say Your Love Out Loud!|Dobond Wishes You Happy Chinese Valentine's Day

2019-01-08 09:53

  Mother's Day in May we got together on Wechat Moments
  to have a glance at the beauty of our mothers
  Father's Day in June we got together on Wechat Moments
  to heve a peek on the handsomeness of our fathers
  but the coming Chinese Valentine's Day on 17th August...
  I decide to close the Moments

  at this very time of Chinese Valentine's Day,
  won't you have a try to profess your love?

  Let's do it!
  Say it out loud,
  to him (or her) in Dobond!

  the smelling of rose, the taste of cake
  becoming the sweetness in your Heart,
  Thanks to our company for the fragrance and sweetness.
  -Ms Qin

  My beloved team of QC
  Thank you for your wishes and supports to me
  I'll always keep the surprise in my mind
  Love you......

  In the days of romance
  Even a single one can receieve rose and greeting card
  So happy

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