Dobond Home Party in A Villa

2019-01-08 10:06

  A piece of pig iron, could be cut, be melt and damaged, but also could be forged to steel. A team is the same, it could be busy but achieved nothing, it could also make a great success. To improve the coagulative power of our team, a team forging avtivity -- Dobond home party was beginning.
  Our activity was not only a single KTV,
  not a boring dinner party,
  but a hilarity for everyone.
  Follow me, let's have a look at the revelry of Dobond!

  HR department carefully chosed the place for party -- well prepared facilities made everyone find their own way of enjoyment, let us get to play together in the room.

  [Book Reading Symposium] Everyone sat around together to listen to Van Deng reading Inamori Kazuo's <Way of Living>, sharing our own feeling of this.

  Majiang, Killing of Three Kingdoms, Killing of Werewolves. Whether sneakily touching girls hands, or letting friendship turning over, everything was not wrong.

  [Audio Room] You could watch literary films to aftertaste the old times, or a horror movie to see girls or your Mr. Right getting scared.
  [BRPG] Noobs fighting veterans, excellent acting skills, a series of skills and tricks. After several rounds of fighting, the situation was getting more and more difficult to understand, and the game was getting more and more interesting.


  [R&W Game Machine]Contra, Battle City, Super Mario. These Games brought hapiness to us and let us call back our fun from childhood.

  Do you thinks it was over? No, the real hilarity was about to come. Colleagues worked together in the kitchen. Washing, Stewing, boiling and baking, the taste was so good that no one could forget it.

  Thank you cooks! We have finished all!
  One life,

  one day,

  one moment,

  one wish,

  one cheer,

  one praise,

  one encouragement,

  one eye contact,

  beautiful and moving,

  everything was worth commemorate,

  a home party of one day and a night,

  short though,

  we still got to strive together in the future,

  let's keep it on in Dobond in the coming days,

  We are dobond,we are family

  Join us!

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