Where do the Dobond Elites go? -------- A Study trip in Kansai, Japan

2019-01-09 13:20

  In April of spring, to feel the management philosophy of hundred-year enterprise, to deeply comprehend the spirit of artisans. 13 Dobond supervising elites took the study trip in Kansai with the questions of "What accomplished high and core techniques of Japanese enterprise, inheritance of the hundred-year enterprise, average high profits, refined management and ultimate services".


  On April 27th, under the enthusiastic reception and arrangement of Ms. Peng in Japanese office of Dobond, people took a visit to the Osaka JR Company Western Branch and Dentsu. Two companies introduced their detailed processes of development, management theories and operation cultures to us. Meanwhile they let us experience the importance of well arranged and decorated working invironment.

  Through their introduction and Q&A, we experienced the power of Japanese enterprise's management again. "Along the management philosophy of peoplle oriented and altruism" is the greatest gain of this visit. "People oriented" is centering on the people, showing full respect to the requirements of empolyees and costumes, keep refining the experiences of employees and costumes. Altuism means putting other's benefits at the first place, not only to the employees and their families, more to the business partners and clients, hand in hand together with our partners, to make efforts for the clients' final requirements.

  The operation theories of Japanese enterprises agree with our Dobond's values. They are like the essence of what our usual act and thoughts. We insist to put our employees' and clients' requirements first. Through training  to roundly improve our  employees' ideologies and business skills, keep optimising the working environment, keep improving the benefits to our employees and careness to their emotions, keep developing new products to create more values for our clients.
  Japanese electrical appliances are famous through out the whole world. Famous electrical appliance producers and high-tech producers including Sony, Panasonic, TOTO, Canon, Sharp, Toshiba, Hitachi etc., all coming from Japan.

  Leading by President Dong, we visited the famous electrical appliance store in Kyoto. Many kinds of products were inside. New types of rice cookers added heavy electrical operating panels. New luggages used dampers to achieve daming effect.

  Salespeople found new markets, technicists found new available constructions. The trip was so worthy.

  After a series of studying and visiting activities, Dobond elites started Kansai self-service travelling mode, enjoying the pleasing sunlight and breeze in Kansai. From the afternoon of 27th to 29th, people visited Yasaka Jinja, Nara-park, Kuromon Market, Grand Front Osaka etc..
  Yasaka Jinja(やさかじんじゃ) is a shrine located in eastern hill district in Kyoto. It is the main shrine of about 3000 shrines in Japan.
  Nara-park is in the east of Nara-street, covers an area of 6.6 million square meters, includes To-dai Ji, Kohfuku Ji, Shosoin, etc. inherited from Nara-period, it is a historic park with a great scale and covered with green woods.. The most famous one is the deers of Kasuga, they are taken care as envoys of gods. We were lucky taking this trip for that this season is the one while the deers fur look the most beautiful in the year. Walking in this wood in a pleasant mood, it is so beautiful to get close contact to the nature.
  Kuromon Market, locates in the center of Osaka. This 600 meters long market includes 170 shops, besides all kinds of fresh food, many flavours and ingredients from other countries were on sale. Since more than 170 years, from housewives to cooks in restaurants, every one who came to Kuromon Market can get what they want.
  After a good dining trip in Kuromon Market, 13 people from Dobond walked to Dōtonbori cosmetic store, began our agenda of shopping. So many kinds of products and the sbstantial prices, made everyone pleased and forgot to leave.
  After walking in the street of Osaka, everyone was a bit tired, but still in high spirit. Then president Dong arranged the dinner party in an Izakaya. People talked their feelings about this trip, while taking their rest.
  On 30th April, in the pleasing breeze, the group of Dobond took their leave. Till now, the trip in Kansai was a great success. The supervising group have havested a lot, and took their trip back with gratefulness. Thanks to Dobond that gave us such a precious chance of trip. Thanks to Ms Peng's enthusastic arrangements and companies along the road. In the following work, we will take the heart of artisans with the belief of altruism, keep improving, make Dobond unbeaten by being creativeness.



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