Dobond Holding:A Travel to Shangqing (Kuaiji) Ancient Path

2019-01-10 14:46

  Shangqing ancient path start from Shangxing county Wangtan town to Pingshui Shangzao Village Guchuan Port, it was the thoroughfare for the residents of Wangtan and Pingshui to Shaoxing urban area in old times. The path was famous for a long time, it was said to be the only official path from Shengzhou area to Shaoxing, people also call it Kuaiji ancient path.
  On March 31th, to show the spirituality of Dobond staff, all the colleagues of Dobond Holding Comany started the activity of "Hiking on the Shangqing ancient path", all the staff put themselves into this strange activity that full of challenges.

  At 8 o'clock, the whole staff came to the departure place -- the root of Dobond. Taken by the leader, people started their first long-distance hiking following the guide. They introduced to each other on the bus, getting more and more familiar with each other, unconsciously we got to the place -- the enterance of Shangqing ancient path, Pingshui town.

  To let everyone get familiar with each other, to bond and colaborate, break the wall between different departments, all the people were seperated into 5 groups, each was led by their leader and started a funny game -- guessing numbers according to pictures.

  Diffucult games though, people have the smartness and fought for the same target, reflected the intellegences and spirituallities of Dobond staff. Through the cooperation of this game, group members deeply felt the power of coorperation, felt the hapiness of working together like a family. People helped each other, and got hard to break, taking a further step of reinforcement of cohesion power.

  After the funny gaming, we got warmed-up and started the trip on Shangqing ancient path. People picked their backpacks, with favourite food, leading by the beezy wind, walking in the hills. The leader said, the flagging under our feet was maybe also stepped by Tao Hongjing, maybe Luyou had been making a poem here. People listened and felt into a deep thoughtness.

  Shangqing ancient path, is 20 more kilometers longg, starting from Pingshui town Shangzao village, ends at Wangtan Xinlian village. This tirp was taking the essence of this path -- from Jinyu village to Suosi bridge, mainly consists of Rizhulin ancient path, Wanshou hill path and Taoyinlin ancient path, it is 10 kilometers long, the Rizhulin ancient path, was famous from "Since Ouye tried to forge a sword, but no other place would do, since he came here, only one day was done, thus named Rizhulin", Rizhulin is 2 kilometers long, the width of the path is 1.3 to 1.5 meters, the number of stone steps is about 2000.

  This trip, most still consisted of stone steps, especially in the part of Taoyuanlin, was the best reserved, and the part with most beautiful scenes. Old villages, mottled old houses, bamboo forest, Chinese fir forest and the simple and honest villagers were the surprise of this trip. The ancient path has lost its bustling like in the old times, but the scene is still the best. Wanshou hill, Rizhu range, Lanruo temple reservoir, Suosi bridge, Shangzao port, every scene was worth remember in the ancient path.

  The mountain road was rugged, but surprisingly, no one was lost in the team. People encouraged and took care of each other and climbed up. While marching forward, people stopped to remind others to take care of the branches up and the roots of the trees under the feet.

  After three hours' hiking, people got to a small ramp to take a short rest for recharging. 

  When people reached the top of the hill, everyone felt relaxed, forgot their unhapiness in work, the unpleasant in life. Now, everyone could only feel the breezy wind of nature and the friendship in Dobond.

  After climbing down, although tired, but people were still with high spirit. President Dong arranged a dinner party in the villeger's house. People talked about their feelings while drinking and dining.

  On March 31th, the Dobond Hiking was over, people were not willing to say goodbye. But till now, this hiking trip was a great success!

  The best is always reserved for the one who lasts to the end, when we shouted out loud that we made it at the top of the hills, we understood that in the following trip of life, we would also make unbelieveable things.


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