Outdoor Activity at Donating Hill

2019-01-05 09:06

  On 20th October, the whole staff of Dobond holding company held an one-day outdoor activity at Dongting Hill in Suzhou. This hiking was 13 kilometers long, starting from Eastern Hill Town and ended in Luxiang Old Village.
  Luxiang Old Village was hometown to the prime minister Wangao during Zhengde years in Ming dynasty, it was one of the first famous villages with historic culture, and it is called the First Old Village in Taihu.
  At 8 o'clock, all the staff came on time to meet at the factory. Led by Bai, people got to start hiking.
  We sang and laughed along, unconsciously we have arrived the beginning point  of this activity -- the entrance of Luxiang Old Village, Eastern Hill Town.
  Warming Up at the Foot of the Hill
  Every 10 of us formed a team, leading by a teamleader, we started heading to the top of the hill in groups. The road was rugged though, the air in the wood was so refreshing. Everyone was excited and jogging to, surrounded by our singing and laughing.
  Breezy morning, we started with full of energy
                                               The Target Place of This Activity -- Luxiang Old Village of Eastern Hill, a Well Preserved Village
  The Power of Our Team

  Don't watch sceneries on pictures, the way is under, walk through it and it will become your own scene

  After 3 hours' hiking, people got to the foot of Moli Hill for a short rest and recharging. people took out there food and beverage to share with each other.
  Dobond Spirit
                                                                                                   We helped each other along the road.
  After a while, we got to the top of Moli Hill, looking back, the rugged road was like the lifetime. The trip of life is not scaring, as long as you do not give up, as long as you have someone as a company.

  Life is like a trip that one's body carried its soul. We are all like the dust of the time, taking our own trip that we want.
  Walking down, the ramp was flat, and time to enjoy the scenery.
 A Girl Picking Tea-leaves
  Ants are known as the "muscles", they can lift things times of their own weights. But, an ant can sometimes not carry some food alone. However, they can use teamwork to make up. Today, we were taking by the leader, helped each other and everyone participated in.
  We made it, with so much troubles, we finally got to the target -- Luxiang Old Village. After hiking the whole day, people were still excited. And then we got to have a delicious dinner together under the leadership of our Boss Richie. We shared our thoughts and talked and laughed a lot.
  Everyone got to the target successively, and carried a smile of success. The short one-day outdoor activity was over, but it was like an eternal fortune to us. The trip to the top of the hill was very long, but the mood while we got there was hard to express. It was a great challange to our perseverance, stamina and our cohesion power. The scenery alongside the hiking road was so beautiful, breathing the fresh air, and feeling the beauty of the nature. Only the people who strove together can really feal it.
  20th October, 2018. This Dobond outdoor activity was a big success!

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