【Dobond】A Mid-Autumn Day Present Expressed to Every Family of Our Staff

2019-01-05 13:14

  A great day is coming. But because of study or work, for the most people who striving outside, going back home became a wild wish. Homesick always flushes at this kind of days.

  Are you going back home on this mid-autumn day?

  Mr. L in Dobond, comes from Henan, joined Dobond family for 3 years more. He just got used to that not able to get back at mid-autumn day. 3-day holiday was too less for Mr. A whose home is quite far from company. And this year his family must spend the holiday without him again, the working position can't be without him anyway.

  Ms Z in Dobond, left home after graduating from high school and came to Shanghai. Now she is married and has a family with children in Shanghai. "Actually, I really want to get back to my parents on holidays. But work is so busy, and my child is still too young, I can't do everything just as I wish." Said Ms Z.

  How to put the feeling to our families? To express the thankness to families of every employee, Dobond sent the presents of mid-autumn day to each family of the staff, just to appreciate them.

  Looking at the words from their parents, we feel very happy. Thank you for your supporting to Dobond, and thank you for your giving, it is our precious of growing and developing.

  At this mid-autumn day, Dobond wishes you and your family happy.


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